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How to Take Care of Your Dream –
The new Swissvax Online Handbook

The brand new Swissvax Online Handbook is your encyclopedia for all aspects of High Performance Car Care. It covers all the need-to-knows about the different materials, surface and finish types encountered on automobiles, the best care techniques for them and is often enhanced with useful tips and tricks. The handbook provides you with an in-depth perspective into the world of the ultimate car care which to date was reserved exclusively to Concours d'Elegance enthusiasts.

Like some of the World's greatest Automobile Manufacturers including Automobiles Bugatti, Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Mercedes-Benz Klassik or Spyker which we proudly supply as O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) you may fully confide in our profound competence in Car Care which re-defines perfection.

The Swissvax Online Handbook is logically structured following the different care areas on your automobile (i.e. wheels and tyres, paintwork, leather, etc.) allowing you to easily find all information which you are looking for specifically or to efficiently pick-up the essentials on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

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Download a Printed version of the famous Swissvax Handbook

The Anwander's Handbook for Swissvax products was established as an insider's tip among concours enthusiast's a long time ago and to this day has become a valuable guidebook for a highly sophisticated clientele of car enthusiasts.

It's 8 chapters reflect the most important care areas and care steps on your automobile with each chapter comprising the need-to-knows about the different materials, the environmental impacts on them, their care needs, the relevant Swissvax products for each area and many important and useful tips about application techniques and how to best take care of your dream.

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