NEW! Sindelfingen™ Premium wax for Mercedes paint system

  1. Today, SWISSVAX Sindelfingen™ - Premium wax for Mercedes paint system finally available in our online store. This is a premium wax developed for the paintwork systems encountered on Mercedes paintworks (e.g. 1-coat-finish in 2K-acrylic/solid, 2-coat-finish solid/ metallic/mineral, nano-clearcoats and scratch resistant 3-coat-finishes) offering a 40 Vol. % of pure North Brazilian Ivory Carnauba wax.

    Hand-made and uncompromisingly optimised to all Mercedes paint generations our new Sindelfingen wax offers a durability of up to 1 year and more on Mercedes paintworks. Sindelfingen is pleasantly fast to work with, creates a luster that will make you speechless with amazement and offers a durable water-repellent lotus effect.
  1. 今天,Sindelfingen™ - 特製平治(奔馳)車蠟 終於在我們的網購平台上線了!瑞士蠟從不間斷地優化各種車蠟,手工製作的 Sindelfingen™ - 特製平治(奔馳)車蠟,適合現代常見平治(奔馳)車系使用的漆面 (例如:單次成形水晶漆,雙層單色/金屬/礦閃漆,納米清漆/耐刮擦三層漆)。 含 40% 巴西東北部未漂白棕櫚蠟,使你上蠟更輕鬆快速,發揮出車漆的原來光澤,讓您驚嘆無語,並提供持久的防水效果。